Phobia or Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious at some points in their life. Whether it is right before giving that big speech or a presentation at work. Most people are able to overpower their anxiety and perform the task at hand. But for some they find their body takes over and they are unable to proceed forward. These are what are known as phobias or irrational fears. Sufferers know that giving that presentation isn’t going to cause them any physical harm, but they can’t control the anxiety and physical reactions that their body does when faced with doing that speech or presentation.

Awakening In Panic

When you wake up in a state of panic it’s referred to medically as nocturnal panic attacks. These will feel like you are in a fog and lightheaded. It’s very common to experience derealization and depersonalization when this occurs. You feel like you are losing touch with yourself and the things around you. Many describe it as they feel as if they were still dreaming or watching themselves from a distance. This is a startling state of panic to be in. Many tend to mistake this for other medical conditions like a heart attack.

Who Gets Fibrositis?

Fibrositis, also known as fibromyalgia, is a chronic condition that induces widespread pain across the body. It’s estimated five million Americans suffer from this condition. The actual cause of this chronic condition is not well known right now. It’s estimated that between eighty to ninety percent of sufferers are women. Men and children do have this condition, it’s just not that common. Most are diagnosed with this chronic condition during their middle ages. Their symptoms are present in early life. It takes a while for a doctor to diagnose this condition.

Self-Help Group Therapy

When you are suffering from an anxiety disorder the last thing you may want to do is discuss it with other people. You may feel like you are the only one going through it. This is simply not true as there are many self-help groups that are formed to bring people who are experiencing what you are together. These groups are not just about sharing your problems. They are also about congratulating other people and their achievements, as well as your own. You can learn more about these self-help groups when you visit

When Fear Ensues?

For phobia sufferers life can be difficult when they can’t avoid the object of their fear. Many will experience physical and psychological reactions when they are exposed to their fear. In the case of genophobia, the fear of sex, sufferers will go into a state of panic when the idea of having sex comes up. They will start to shake, sweat, find it hard to breath, their heart will race, and they will feel as if there is an impeding sense of doom overcoming them. There are literally hundreds of different types of phobias that people face. These are broken down into three different categories. These categories include agoraphobia, social phobias, and specific phobias.